The People

When in touch with the earth, one can appear stunned, like stone. When in touch with water, there is shedding of tears. When in connection with the fire element, there is perspiration. When in touch with air, there is trembling, faltering of voice, and standing of bodily hairs on end. Contact with sky or ether produces loss of external consciousness. Those who conduct themselves this way are worthy of our earnest attention. From Volume Three, Number One, 1990.

At the river . . .

Vaivarnya (change of color)
Sun as evaporating
Moon as surfacing
Stambha (insensibility)
Matthew Owens

Romancha (hairs standing on end)
Camilla Alexander
Joanna Ruocco

Sveda (perspiration)
H.R. Hegnauer
Jen Rinaldi
Ashru (tears)
Christina Stott

Sarva-bhanga (inability to speak)
Jackie Farritor
The South Platte River

Pralaya (loss of external consciousness)
Joan Dickinson
At the river and in the book . . .

Camilla Alexander (Boulder, CO)
Judy Anderson (Denver, CO)
Sandra Binion (Venice, Italy)
Doug Bonner (Fuzhou, Fujian)
Roxanne Carter (Oxford, Ohio)
Rudi Cerri (Denver, CO)
Barrie Cole (Africa)
Joan Dickinson (Denver, CO)
Jane Dodge (Singapore)
Jackie Farritor (Denver, CO)
Mary Hawley (Cambridge, England)
H.R. Hegnauer (Denver, CO)
Rilva Hoon (Cairo, Egypt)
Lorriane Moretti (Chicago, IL)
TaraShea Nesbitt (Boulder, CO)
Matthew Owens (Laramie, WY)
Bin Ramke (Denver, CO)
Jen Rinaldi (Denver, CO)
Joanna Ruocco (Denver, CO)
Sandi Ste. George (Portland, ME)
Christina Stott (Conifer, CO)